Friday, 6 May 2016

The Last UFO - update May 2016

Its been a very busy last few months working on a few games, so sadly games that don't "as yet" have programmers don't get as much as attention.  The Last UFO game for the Amstrad is slowly coming together and I have finally resolved the interaction between player and enemy.  Bullets from both will now be homing, it will simplify the gameplay by not having to be positioned and facing the correct direction in order to shoot.  The only downside is you have to be fairly close to be able to shoot accurately as the bullets have finite distance :)

The Egyptian Level concept below is now converted to 16 colours (this is the maximum colours that mode 0 can have out of its 27 in total)

At the top is the tileset and to the top right you can see the colour palette.

Some Drawings in Pencil of some enemy ideas.

Below are some of the sketches converted into Amstrad Mode 0 pixels :)

This is the current sprite sheet, some are of course just placeholders for tiles that will be replaced with new ones. At the bottom are various collectables (in gold).  The palettes allocated for each level is shown on the right hand side.  Notice 12 colours are locked out for all other game collectables, player, score panel and title splash page and various effects. The last four colours beyond the dark blue are for foreground and enemies of that level.

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